Safety and Quality

Safety and Quality



Air West Mechanical is committed to exceptional safety and quality construction, as evidenced by our current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) = 0.81


Our Team

Air West – AP personnel Project Managers/Superintendants/Site Safety & Health Officers (SSHO)/Construction Quality Managers (CQM) as a team will have all necessary certifications in OSHA 30/EM 385-1-1 40HR/CQM Certification/CPR & First Aid and when applicable



The USACE EM-385 is the Governing form of authority on most Naval Facilities in regards to Safety . All construction activities on all of Air West Mechanical projects will strictly adhere to all base safety requirements. A current version copy of EM-385-1-1 will be supplied on every project and all employees will be well versed and knowledged in its contents and requirements


Injury and Illness Prevention (IIPP) Program Responsibility

The IIP Program Administrator is responsible for preparing site-specific safety policies that provide comprehensive protection. Clients benefit from our commitment to providing our employees and customers with the safest work site possible. We combine a corporate pledge to maintain high safety standards with highly-trained, site-level personnel who provide accurate and comprehensive oversight. Air West Mechanical safe work practices extend to our laborers and subcontractors who are required to comply with our strict safety standards, procedures and base requirements. As a result of our commitment to safety, we have achieved excellent safety results and exceeded our customers’ expectations.


Construction Quality Control

All onsite supervisors will be certified in Quality Control Management (CQM). The QC Program has been designed and implemented to assure that all services and construction provided by Air West Mechanical and our subcontractors comply with contract requirements and applicable codes and standards on base. This program combines industry best practices with our concise organization structure to ensure continual oversight and accountability. We identify issues before they become problems and take immediate action to maintain project schedules and budget requirements.


Latest Technological Means and Methods of Servicing our Clients

Each Project Supervisor/Project Manager/CQM/SSHO Personnel will have onsite computers and wireless connection to keep customers up to date with submittals, Daily/QC Reports, RFI’s, Tailgate Meetings, etc. Personnel are fully versed in electronic procurement and we efficiently communicate using email, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Works, CAD/CAM software, Microsoft Project Scheduling, e4Clicks Estimating, Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).